Virtual Tour to Japan with Studio Aliri Through “Texture Ceiling”

by Renate Retno

An art installation hung from the ceiling at the Galeri Ruang Dini in Bandung. Incredibly, it is all made out of waste materials. Using various methods for achieving the desired texture on HDPE waste, Studio Aliri created “Texture Ceiling”.

Studio Aliri is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Jakarta. Through the “Textured Ceiling” for NIPPON Exhibition & Pop-Up Shop: The Whisper Within, Studio Aliri tried to bring back memories from the past trip to Japan and raised the issue of waste, so that people can learn more about the places they visit and be more mindful of what they consume.

During the exploration process, we did trial and error to find out how long the HDPE plastic had to be pressed or heated to produce the desired texture.

Special thanks to “The Ahmads” for making all of this possible!

“Textured Ceiling” is on display at Galeri Ruang Dini, Bandung, 11th– 28th February 2022.

Traveling can make good, long-term memories. On the contrary, it also leaves behind long-term waste.

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