A3000 Creators Market

by Tashia Oktavia T

Many local creators and communities are flourishing nowadays. They have a wide range of interesting ideas. Located in Kemang, the A3000 Creative Compound provides a platform for both creators as the local community. Mortier, Alam Essential, Not Your Birthday, and Hop Kalcer are among the brands that cooperate with A3000 Creative Compound.

Mortier is a local brand that, in collaboration with A3000 Creative Compound, creates home décor products out of plastic waste. The products manufactured are quite diverse, ranging from chairs, table, up to bags. The quality of the products is not inferior to that product that made with new materials. Also, they offer many the color combinations that very unique.

Mortier hopes that the public, particularly young people, will be more environmentally conscious a result of this exhibition and also develop a perspective that recycling materials that are considered waste may produce items that interesting and helpful to everyone.

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