“Bumi Rumah Kita” Exhibition by Sejauh Mata Memandang at Senayan City Jakarta

by Eileen Florean Gunawan

Trash is often thought of as something that destroys the environment, but that’s a fact! Maybe we don’t immediately feel the effect of littering, but our future generation will, our children will certainly get the impact. Without a huge effort, people tend to ignore the effects of littering and think if that’s not a part of their fault. Aligned with the goals for increasing awareness on this issue, Mortier has participated in some exhibition to deeply educate people.

One of the exhibitions themed “Bumi Rumah Kita” held by Sejauh Mata Memandang at Senayan City Mall, Jakarta, and currently running until August 1st 2021.

This exhibition focuses on knowledge to grow awareness about waste sorting as the first step, especially on plastic waste, so it can be used sustainably. Together with Rekosistem, Rebricks, Setali, Pable, Alvin T, and many more, Mortier as one of the exhibition partner also presents various products such as: chair, birdhouses, vegetable baskets, recycled samples, and many more products from recycled plastic bottle caps. We got very high enthusiasm, from the participants, such as high curiosity on the product manufacturing process, and many participants also took some photos with Mortier products and spread them through their social media.

These small steps hopefully can be more educated for the public. We don’t need to compete to be environmental activists, but realizing that we are part of this earth is more than enough. Grow our initiative and realize that every small step we take matters a lot because we just “stay a while” on earth, no more.

There is much we can do for a better earth, as long as we want to do it together.

Be a part of the solution!

In the future, as an environmental conservationist, Mortier hopes can participate more in various educational activities.

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