Noto Wastu: No Waste to Waste

(Javanese; Noto: Menata, Wastu: Harta)

by Renate Retno

“Menata Harta” or “Arrange Treasure”. Those two words combined perfectly describe Monokroma Architect’s installation at the 2022 NAIFEST (National Architecture Installation Festival), which took place on 22nd-27th March 2022.

Through Noto Wastu, Monokroma hopes to convey the message of circularity and sustainability. These values are conveyed not only through symbolic forms, but also through the recycled materials used in making Noto Wastu.

Noto Wastu is a collaboration project between Monokroma Architect, Plana, Mortier, Bell Society, and supported by Nurco Lighting.

Beautiful decking made from recycled plastic and rice husk by Plana
Hanging screen divider made from LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) plastic sheets by Mortier
Hanging screen divider made from bacteria and coffee husk residue by Bell Society

We experimented to determine the number of plastic LDPE sheets that had to be pressed during the exploration process.

Special thanks to The Ahmads and Bang Abdul for making this all happen!

Noto Wastu is Monokroma’s attempt as an architect to “reorganize”; the form and space where humans live, as well as the manufacturing process, to transform waste into treasure (Wastu).

So, what can you do to change waste to Wastu?

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