Prolonged Aorta by Studio Aliri

by Vicktor Gunandar

Prolonged Aorta was made from the recycling concept. Although it’s not a new concept, plastics and textiles waste are still the top 2 contributors to the waste problem here in Indonesia. Studio Aliri intend to raise awareness about how serious plastic pollution has done to our surroundings and how we can minimize that by using waste to create something useful out of waste. The making of ‘Prolonged Aorta’ generates self-observation regarding the recycling process in art installation; Will the energy consumed in creating the work be excessive? Are the materials to be used waste? Will the artwork bring environmental awareness?

Prolonged Aorta Art Installation made from used LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) and thread wastes

Studio Aliri sees the potential to bring a new life to the materials by examining various compositions to merge the two different waste characters. Using curated colour waste threads from the textile manufacturer combined with the pressed white plastic bags create translucent surfaces that allow light to pass through and to be integrated with the existing ambience of Lumine. Studio Aliri aspires to convey the beauty of recycled waste.

Display Board made from used bottle caps
Aorta Bag

“Prolonged Aorta” is on display at Lumine, Plaza Indonesia, 15th April- 19th July 2022.

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