Lunch Bags Made with Intention


Hello, it’s INTENTION here! We’re taking over this blog post to share our experience in joining Mortier’s latest workshop. P.S. It was everything we were hoping for and more :’)

As we were nearing INTENTION’s third birthday celebration (or what we call #INT3NTION), we were thinking of the perfect way to have an INTimate celebration with the team because we’re a bunch of firm believers that having a little off-screen downtime is important. Then we thought: why don’t we experience something we haven’t tried before, like an upcycling workshop? And then it turned out that Mortier was going to hold a workshop of their own!

A little back story, we’ve been thinking of ways we can partner with them since they first appeared on our #RayakanLokal campaign last year, and we couldn’t be happier when we were able to have them as part of #INT3NTION celebration!

For us whose everyday lives are surrounded by virtual meetings, social media, and everything fast-paced, this activity felt like a breath of fresh air. We got the chance to learn how to transform plastic bags into every day and/or decorative items. And the excitement didn’t stop there. These lunch bags we made are great replacements for single-use plastic made from repurposed materials! It’s safe to say that each and every one of the bags is made with intention, isn’t it?

We realize that no matter how much we try to avoid plastic waste, we sometimes have no choice but to buy bottled drinks or meals packaged in plastic. And this workshop taught us ways to give new (and longer) life to such materials.

We also had no idea that those three hours of cutting, measuring, and ironing taught us a little something—that not all plastics are made the same, patience is key and everything takes longer than we think, it’s OK to ask for help, and last but not least, nothing is impossible!

Well, who could have guessed that transforming materials, in a way, can also be transformative for us and how we see things?

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