by Vicktor Gunandar

TIME OF RESET is a warning for us to start life with different ways or tactics in order to win a sustainable future for the earth – namely an earth built from garbage, not an earth flooded with garbage.

These words are describing the Amoda Ergapods installation and our explored materials inside it at Kumulo BSD Prefabricating for Community, which took place at 4th of June – 3rd July 2022.

Through TIME OF RESET, Amoda aims to democratize the construction process and enable everyone to achieve faster, cost-effective & high-quality construction assets through the latest in prefabricated and modular approaches and maximize good impact to the environment.

TIME OF RESET is a collaboration project between Amoda, Mortier and Kumulo.

RESET STRATEGY: Thinking in one direction only to utilize natural resources from the earth without seeing what will be left to be disposed of into the environment is not wise. A linear strategy like this has proven not to be the right strategy for us to follow, which in the end only leaves large amounts of waste in the landfill. Our strategy must be reorganized by starting from the end, not from the beginning – waste for example, or what is known as a circular economy. It is this tactic that will be a hope for us at least to help restore the world. If the world can’t be replayed. It’s the same with playing chess, whoever steps forward with thinking far ahead, we believe can be a winner.

WIN THE GAME: OUR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE The action to be a winner can start from each of you by being a smart consumer, questioning everything until the end of use, choosing products wisely, carrying bags that can be reused anytime and anywhere, participate in planting trees and gardening, sorting waste & sending it to the recycling center, and of course also supporting us and other similar movements.

So, will you join us on our journey to win the game?

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