RONGGA: Welcome to Human’s First Home

by mortier

On October through November 2022, we joined the 12th edition of Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD). With the help of PLAYO and Ilhamia Nuantika, who did the concepting and curated all the beautiful alternative materials for the hotel room design, we invite you to see and experience RONGGA.

RONGGA: Welcome to Human’s First Home

A collaborative exhibition which involves interdisciplinary designers from all over Indonesia.

At RONGGA, you’re greeted by mortier’s very own table made from fabric waste. The simplicity of it speaks volume, whether you’re the consumer or the producer, you’ll find that fabric waste from the clothing industry is not something to be underestimated about.

When you look above it, you’d spot two of the most beautiful hanging lamps you’ll ever seen. Just look at the way the light shines through! The shades are made from LDPE plastic waste and the texture of the surface is just perfect. You’re welcome to see through our story and vision for RONGGA and the future of living.

RONGGA and other works at ICAD were available to be visited from 20th October 2022 up until 27th November 2022, at grandkemang, Jakarta. For more information about RONGGA, please visit mortier’s Instagram (, and for more information about ICAD, please visit their Instagram ( or website (

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