Regenerative Generation (ReGe)

by Putri Melinda

In March 2022, Monokroma Architect did a design exploration in the installation of NoTo Wastu (No Waste To Waste) by using plastic waste with LDPE which is found in the form of used plastic bags. It is formed into a wide screen that is semi-transparent where you can see the shadow behind it.
Furthermore, Monokroma continued to experiment with recyclable plastic material, HDPE, or usually in the form of used bottle caps in November 2022. This installation is named ReGe (Regenerative Generation). It benefits from the solid characteristic of HDPE to form a structure that can be arranged into columns, blocks, and other joints.

But without the help and the diligence as well as the perseverance of the members of Monokroma Architect dan the students of UPH Architecture, ReGe wouldn’t have existed. This installation is also made as a medium to showcase the project made by the students of UPH Architecture.

It all started from a whatsapp group named “apa hayo” until the installation came into existence. Big thanks and respect to the designers, amor, and also other helpers in the workshop for always aiding us!

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